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Dean Bland Dip WCF Hons, BA Hons, MAFA Barnsley, Yorkshire

Laminitis :

Laminitis is not a single static condition but a multi dimensional evolving condition and welfare situation with the affected equine undertaking a laminitic journey. This equine journey is mirrored by a carer journey every bit as traumatic and welfare affecting. Our understanding of the key stages of these mirrored and symbiotic journeys can help us provide effective care solutions to support equine and human welfare, well being and rehabilitation.

Dean Bland:

"We are familiar with the rotation and sinking associated with the acute onset. We are perhaps less familiar with secondary crisis of the hoof wall avulsion. But it’s easy to illustrate. If we hit our nail with a hammer we would create an initial trauma with the pain and bleeding beneath the nail, and then a number of weeks later that nail would start to detach and come away.

The same thing happens with the hoof wall. Except this process is driven by leverage forces applied because they're standing on their ‘nail’.  This constant force can lead to those chronically deformed laminitic feet we’re so familiar with."

"One of the unique advantages of the Imprint system is that we can remove this detaching horn and replace it with a plastic that will allow the foot to dissipate those forces as it would do in a healthy foot. Giving the horse time to regenerate a new hoof free of those life changing deformities. "

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