Project Development 


At Well Equine we believe that Project Development comes through building relationships. So wether that's developing a Children's Project to improve horse welfare or developing an open day for farriers to improve elite performance, relationships and the ability of communication and coopreration to change lives sits at the heart of Well Equine's approach.



At Well Equine we can work with you to develop solutions that help you achieve your goals. Providing project development solutions that are substantial and relevant. Containing the content you need in a format that connects with the people you're looking to reach. Specialising in creative and community lead development solutions consistent with a Participatory Rural Appraisal.

Well Equine has also has a number of development solutions that we can tailor to your needs. Working with you to tailor the content and delivery to create the right solution for you.



What ever the development solution at Well Equine we believe you need to be able to understand the effect of that solution. Our solutions involve an assessment process that records and quantifies that effect. Providing you with the evidence you need to understand and explain your success. So wether that's in the boardroom or on Social Media we'll help you explain what we've achieched together.

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