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Duchy College - 'Farriery for the Equine Journey' and 'Community Development Projects Fo

In March 2017 I visited Duchy College to contribute to their 'Equine Rehabilitation' module. The Stoke Climsland campus sits to the east of Bodmin Moor in a sheltered valley in picturesque mid Cornwall.

The main focus of the day was to help the equine studies students explore the opportunities Farriery can offer equestrian performance and equine welfare through the key stages of the equine journey including Foal Development, Equestrian Performance and Laminitis. The day started with a short presentation setting out the form and function of the equine foot. Providing a platform to then discuss how as farriers we look to maintain and enhance these functions. Focussing on the opportunities that modern materials can offer for rehabilitation of the equine throughout their life. We then moved down to the stable yard to explore these opportunities through live horse observations. Providing an opportunity for the students to take ownership of the information and understand it's practical application as they move towards a career in the equine industry.

"I wanted to reiterate Sue’s comments below, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot! It was great to meet you and hear about all the brilliant work you have been doing and experiencing your innovative and inspirational teaching! It was really nice to be on the other side for a change!"

The event finished with a session looking at Community Development Projects For Equine Welfare. Exploring the role of Participatory Learning and Action in supporting equine welfare in the U.K. During the session we introduced the students to a number of practical skills to help support equine welfare. Demonstrating experiential Learning techniques including practical participatory demonstrations, role play and audience participation and the utilisation of existing experience within the 'mind's eye'. I'd like to thank all the students and staff at Duchy College for making me feel so welcome. The feedback has been fantastic and I'm so glad everyone found the day so interesting and engaging.

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