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Community Advisors, Choluteca

In December 2013 I made my second visit to the World Horse Welfare project in Choluteca upon the western coast of Honduras. During 2013 I have been working with the Colutecan In Country team and the International Team based in Snetterton Norfolk to develop the Community Training element of the Cholutecan Project.

World Horse Welfare runs a number of Community Based Sustainable Development Projects in communities in Central America. The people that live and work in those communities face some of the greatest pressures within this increasingly globalised economy within which we all live. They are amongst the most economically poor, resource poor, habitat poor and poorly educated people on the planet. The Working Horses that share their lives, share their working lives are subject to the same pressures and their welfare suffers as a result.


Their role is to act

as our representative with in their community, reflecting the core values of World Horse Welfare, helping to improve the lives of working horses and by extension their owners ”

Key to the success of these projects is the training and development of Community Based Equine Advisors within the project communities. Community Based Equine Advisors or Consejeros as they called in spanish are people who live and work with in the Project Communities. Their role is to act as our representative within their community, helping to improve the welfare of the working horses in that community and by extension the welfare of their owners whilst reflecting the core values of World Horse Welfare.

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